Why do you must go to Milan?

Instead of reading this article, we recommend you to pack your bags and choose an hotel in Milan via the Vauboo. However if you are still there for some reason, we will tell you about all advantages of this remarkable place. Milan is by no means a city that is underestimated by tourists, but the fact is that Rome, Venice and Florence have become more popular holiday destinations and it is from them that acquaintance with Italy most often begins. As opposed to Rome, Milan will not immerse you in the shadows of Italian history but it will show you how the new Italy lives and what impact it has on the whole world.

Art and architecture

It’s worth starting with the most obvious, but no less important. Be sure to go to Santa Maria delle Grazia to watch the Last Supper, but keep in mind that people are allowed inside in small groups for 15 minutes, you can’t get out earlier and it’s better to buy tickets in advance. Besides Da Vinci’s opus, Milan is rich in many works of art. But the Brera Museum deserves special mention, which can be considered one of the most underestimated in Europe. Despite the presence in the museum of masterpieces by Raphael, Modigliani, Bellini and Caravaggio, only 300 thousand people visit the Pinacoteca a year. For comparison, the New Museum in Berlin accepts about one million visitors per year and the Louvre is visited by nine mullion visitors.

The Piazza del Duomo led by the central cathedral of the same name is surely an architectural jewel of Milan, but besides it, we highly recommend you to see the Bosco Verticale. In 2014, several Italian architects presented to the public two residential complexes, one building is 110 meters high, and the second is 76 meters high.

And there would be nothing remarkable in this, if it were not for one fact – the facade of the buildings is green with trees, bushes and grass paths, this structure looks just amazing. The fans of unusual places will also appreciate the Bar Luce, the asymmetrical bar personally designed by Wes Anderson.

Everyone knows about the Milan Fashion Week, and everyone knows the names of the leading brands located in the city, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Prada, Versace, etc. All these brands can be found at Via Monte Napoleone, the main street for fashion stores. For those who are not ready to spend a lot of money on new collections of fashion flagships, there is a DMAG outlet, where Valentino or Yves Saint Laurent can be found at good discounts. Besides expensive fashion stores, there are a lot of vintage shops, young designers and concept shops. For instance, go to Via Torino, the weaving of old streets where ordinary things and decorative elements are sold. Or visit the Corso Como, the first Milan concept shop, which is not only a shop, but also a gallery, restaurant, mini-hotel and bar at the same time. In a word, you have not been to similar stores before. But the best shopping experience in Milan can be found walking through the small vintage shops of Cavalli e Nastri, where many things look like works of art.

The Italian cuisine has conquered the whole world, while each region has its own gastronomic signature and specialties. In Milan, you can taste some of the best aperitifs, because it was here that they were first served back in the twenties of the last century. From around 6:00 pm, bars and restaurants start to fill up with noisy companies, so don’t lose the opportunity to try real aperitifs at Roialto.

It is easy to find both recognized classics (negroni sbaliato) and the signature cocktail of the same name, the recipe of which is kept secret. The main culinary assets in the capital of Lombardy are considered to be risotto with saffron and ossobuco, a shank stewed in tomato paste and white wine, seasoned on top with a mixture of grated garlic, lemon zest and parsley. It was also in Milan that the cotoletta alla milanese was invented, in fact, the famous Viennese

What else can you do in Milan?schnitzel originated from it.

You can visit the Teatro alla Scala, an opera hall with stunning acoustics and rich history. The theater was destroyed during the bombardment in 1943 and after that it was repeatedly restored, but despite such dark stripes in its history, it has not lost its graceful and majestic appearance.

In the very center of Milan, you can find a vineyard (rarity for European cities), which was owned by Leonardo da Vinci and is now open for everyone.

Go to dinner to the ATMostera with your better half. The ATMostera is an old van repurposed for a cozy restaurant. During the meal, the van slowly drives around the city, circling the most beautiful views.