What Can You Do to Attract More Business Visitors?

According to the latest analytic data, global business travel spend is going to reach $1.6 trillion at the end of 2020. It means that despite the coronavirus outbreak and shocking rivalry, there are plenty of capabilities for representatives of this market to increase their project outreach and attract new business guests right this year. If you are searching for visitors and do not remain complacent, it is necessary to be ready for all the possible challenges and become a flagship hotel for business travel.

Why are business visitors important for your hotel?

The present-day world depends on our business society. Numerous negotiations, conferences, and other networking arrangements provide actual answers to the biggest questions. If your hotel is ready to organize such business events, you can contribute to the development of your chain this way. It is a very fast-paced sector that brings new capabilities both for clients and hosts of business venues.

Major reasons to provide business travel services

First, business & corporate travel provides hoteliers with larger outreach and an increase in clients. It is the best way to do away seasonality because trade shows, team building events, and other arrangements take place all year-round. The modern reputable corporations put above in-person meetings and use luxury hotels for their business purposes on a scheduled basis.

For another thing, owners of the hotel chains can count on the more predictable process of the order placement because corporate travelers plan their activities in advance. When hoteliers meet all the clients’ requirements and provide qualitative services, they can form a good customer base and stay pleased with a standing business clientele throughout the year. If you are a perfect event planner, your guests will be going to share their impressions on a business trip and attract new business travelers in the default mode. The rumor mill or a marketing buzz can completely:

  • Improve your rating as a business service provider;
  • Form a high-level reputation for your hotel property;
  • Bring new guests and develop your project in the factory state.

Remember that business travelers are an alternative category of consumers. They do not depend on their vacation and can change their leave period easily. Most corporate visits are prolonged if the conference or other important event requires more time and forces. Expand your business with the help of standing corporate clients who will come back independently of a season, time, other circumstances.

Facts and tips on what hoteliers need to do to attract more business travelers

Let’s take a closer look at the list of helpful tips that allow hoteliers to come to the front and become a flagship business event service provider. If you want to come into a spotlight, follow these recommendations:

  1. Focus on online travel reservation capabilities. Business travelers should face a simple booking process on the Internet. Make all the reserve and payment options possible to handle in several clicks. Simplicity and the absence of extra steps attract corporate clients.
  2. Connect with top-rating platforms and local partners. Internet searchers book corporate events through reputable online fare aggregators or enquire with local organizations. Create a partnership with global leaders as Priceline, Hotwire, Expedia, and local websites to obtain new bookings. Provide your affiliates with actual information on hotel rooms, special offers, available corporate travel services to generate steady traffic of visitors.
  3. Improve corporate user experience. Take part in international trade shows and other business events. Show your hotel chain to representatives of global associations, holdings, mass marketing companies, and public enterprises. Present your project as a flagship corporate travel planner, having exhibited your hotel business on the international scene.
  4. Run efficient promotional and online marketing campaigns. Break into hotel business through loud promotions of your corporate services and activities. Advertise for unlimited venue spaces you obtain for business travelers. Your official website and affiliate online platform should contain an actual description of all accessible services for corporate clients: team-building options, conference organization, etc.
  5. Show an individual approach to corporate travelers. Remember about a loyalty program for this category of guests. Your hotel property should demonstrate its flexibility and corporate client-orientation. A well-thought loyalty program should contain special offers for business travelers (hotel club membership, discount schedule, etc.).
  6. Stay attuned to business travelers’ needs and requirements. Corporate events require high-level accommodations with all-inclusive services (airport transfer, free Wi-Fi access, buffet options, spacious rest-rooms, etc.). Pay attention to each detail to make your guests pleased. They will appreciate your dedicated approach — satisfied business travelers choose sides in favor of an excellent hotel corporate service provider.

Give thought to a corporate hospitality strategy and expand your business. Corporate customers would come back to the pace where everything was well-arranged. Clear the seasonality barrier and attain the commitment of business travelers to propel your hotel services to the next level.