Istanbul Tulip Festival – tips for tourists

Istanbul tulip destival 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes Let’s make a retrospective journey into the history. During the prosperity of the Ottoman Empire, tulips were brought from Persia to Turkey and after a short time they become the national symbol of the country. And already in the 17th century, the flower enters Europe, taking root especially well in the Netherlands. Despite the fact …Read more

Cappadocia – mysterious riddle of the nature

Reading Time: 3 minutes You wake up before dawn, turn off the annoying alarm clock and, when you reach the sink, finally bring yourself to your senses with ice water. You get on the bus, where about twenty more lucky ones and the driver (it seems that he was the only one who slept here) are waiting for you, …Read more

Lviv storefronts


Reading Time: 4 minutes Lviv is perhaps the best city to experience Ukrainian hospitality, get an insight into the traditions and immerse in the fairy atmosphere. One can walk along small pedestrian streets, explore back streets, admire numerous Catholic, Christian churches, and cathedrals. And what a magical atmosphere is here on the Christmas Eve! European tourists not often decide …Read more

Italian holidays from Germany: cities and places to visit

German and Italian holidays:
cities and places to visit

Reading Time: 5 minutes Few countries can compete in their tourism draw with Italy, there is a rich history and fascinating nature, and unbelievable food, and the largest art heritage; one can list dozens of reasons to visit the country in the form of a boot. Who would refuse such a neighborhood? Indeed, formally Germany does not border with …Read more

Haunted Castles in Europe

Haunted Castles in Europe

Reading Time: 4 minutes When, if not on the eve of Halloween, people feel like watch some horror movie again or plunge into something mystical for a while. We are sure that you will cope with the choice of a horror movie, a festive costume or a pumpkin size, so today we will tell you about castles that have …Read more