Top Things Business Travelers Want from Hotel

The needs of business travelers are very unique. While it might seem glamorous to stay in hotels, and travel to big cities for work, the reality is often far from it. Business guestsare also pressed for time and gravitate toward convenience and efficiency. Let`s have an insight into what these travelers want from their stays so that hoteliers can take cues and capitalize.

Top Business Guest Requirements

  1. Proximity. Location remains the top priority. Business travelers prefer to be close to where their meetings are so they don’t waste time and money on local travel and don’t have to worry about getting everywhere on time
  2. Free (and fast) Wi-Fi. Airports and hotels with wireless connection are a must for the business traveler. They want as many options as possible to get extra work done when travelling or catching up on those never ending emails. Pay attention to security – you need to work with your IT provider to secure your guests’ connected devices and defend against password hacks.Be sure that devices automatically connect to your Wi-Fi network as soon as visitors walk through your front door, and that you monitor your network to prevent outages and respond quickly to slow-downs.Remember that guests and attendees want to access your Wi-Fi network wherever they are so take care to cover your entire property inside and out.
  3. Plenty of power outlets. We all have so much to plug in and power up these days. Business travelers need even more outlets for a cell phone, a tablet, a computer and more.For whatever reason, many hotels still offer too few power outlets.Make sure your rooms have numerous conveniently located power outlets (guests shouldn’t have to move furniture to locate them).
  4. Breakfast is a must. Business guestsdon’t want to waste valuable time looking for a coffee bar in the morning. It’s also important for the hotel to have a restaurant for lunch or dinner. Pay attention to food and drink trends, specialty diets, and dietary restrictions. Unique and specialty offerings professional travelers appreciate: vegetarian/vegan food, gluten- and lactose-free meals, keto-friendly food. By offering plenty of dining options you could also impressively increase your revenues.
  5. Fast Services. Business travelers are often working on short timeframes, flying into a city one day and flying out the next.No matter what type of services a business traveler needs, they should be fast and effective. Room service should arrive within 30 minutes. Dry-cleaning and shoeshine services should be available overnight.
  6. Corporate loyalty programs. Offering such programs is a smart way to entice travelers to return to your property. 82 percent of business travelers say loyalty programs matter when deciding on a hotel, 81 percent believe being a loyalty member results in better service.
  7. Transportation options. If there’s a big conference hall or trade fair venue in town, you can bet business travelers need a way to get there. Offer taxi and limo services, take care of convenient parking, display public transport options (including costs and departure times) between major travel hubs.
  8. Comfort. Business trips are exhausting. As you’re providing the bed for the night, make sure it’s comfortable. Plush bedding and pillows made from all-natural fibers can help deliver a good night’s sleep. Also noise and light from outside can be distracting. Go the extra step and fit your rooms with blackout curtains. Tea and coffee facilities should also be available in-room or via beverage stations on each floor.
  9. Fitness facilities: Business travelers will appreciate the opportunity to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle while working on the road. Offer complimentary access to a local gym or in-house wellness center. In addition to standard options, such as workout rooms and pools, consider these offerings as well:group wellness and exercise classes, in-room fitness amenities (steppers, dumbbell set, balance ball, yoga mat), rentable workout gear and equipment (like bicycles).