The Königssee lake is one of the most attractive sites in Germany

The German lakes have long ago become popular outside the country but the Königssee stands apart among them since it is the clearest lake in Europe and one of the landmarks of Bavaria. Here, flora and fauna are cared for, this is why it is an ideal place to retire from the world in nature, patently view the lofty mountains, betake oneself to the St. Bartholomew’s Church by small ship or rowboat or ascent the Jennerbahn peak (1874 m) by chairlift. However, let’s speak about all this later. The Royal lake (this is how Germans call it) was formed by melted glaciers, and now, it is the part of the Berchtesgaden National Park mentioned by us in the article about eco-hotels. Coming back to sights, a small island is located in the middle of the lake, where the church stands. As we’ve already stated above, one can reach the island either by rowboat or by small ship. Along the way, you will be demonstrated an incredible, heavy mountain echo. On the shore, go and see the bobsleigh track (if you are lucky you even find the training), and then try the local trout caught the day before.

Get directions

The easiest way to get the Konigssee Lake is to go by car from Salzburg (30 km) or Munich (160 km), again, it is a more suitable way to traverse the adjacencies. Although, you also have alternative variants: direct Flixbus buses go from Munich (you just need to find out the schedule, since the service is not regular). Trains go either from Austria or from Germany to Berchtesgaden, and from there it is easy to take a bus to the Schonau am Konigssee stop or a taxi.

Where to stay?

In the vicinity of the Bavarian Alps, there are plenty of hotels or guest homes; it depends on the number of guests arriving and on the way your travel method, here are some of them:
• Explorer Hotel Berchtesgaden, 3* (hotel, suitable for those who mainly walk)
• Gastezimmer Hanottenlehen (guest home)
• Pension Hochodlehen (conventional guest home)
• Apartment Schonau Am Konigssee 3* (apartments, suitable for those tourists who arrived by car)

What else to see?

Besides the royal lake, there also are other natural attractions of Germany nearby. For example, the upper lake, the Obersee. After you cross the Konigsee by ship, you will need to go through the forest along the path (you can hardly do it with a stroller) and you would see a secluded lake with a small Rothbach waterfall.

Fans of outdoor activities would be able to visit the mountain ski resort in the winter, tracks lie on three peaks, the Jennerbahn, Grunstein and Geotschin.

In the spring or summer, an alternative to hiking in the mountains can be the Eagle’s Nest, a restaurant with stunning views. There is a salt mine nearby where you can buy a ticket for EUR 17 (EUR 9 for children) and go on an excursion having preliminarily dressed in the real miner’s uniform.