Lviv storefronts

Lviv is perhaps the best city to experience Ukrainian hospitality, get an insight into the traditions and immerse in the fairy atmosphere. One can walk along small pedestrian streets, explore back streets, admire numerous Catholic, Christian churches, and cathedrals. And what a magical atmosphere is here on the Christmas Eve! European tourists not often decide to visit this place, and they don’t know what they are missing! Here are ideal conditions to spend a weekend.

One more, really unique spectacle of Lviv is its storefronts, and today we are going to consider them in more detail. You won’t be able to visit all of them in a few days, but we strongly recommend going to at least a few:

1. Baczewski


Since Baczewski is located directly near Rynok, the central square, one can easily miss it; from the outside it is a small terrace with a bar counter where take-out cocktails are made. But inside you will find the best restaurant of Galician cuisine. Banoshes, soups, reinterpretation of European dishes and first-class homemade liqueurs.

2. Hasova Liampa

Hasova Liampa

Liqueurs are tinctures on fruits, berries or herbs, in Lviv they can be found on every corner. And Hasova Liampa is a museum restaurant where there is a plenty of petroleum lamps and no less different liqueurs. They are sold in bottles resembling in appearance the petroleum lamps, one can taste on site or take away as a souvenir.

3. Masoch


Theme hotel and cafe named in honor of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. He was born in Lviv and this is him who we must thank for the term “masochism”. Most likely, you understand what exactly this location is connected with and it is worth clarifying one point – you are unlikely to visit a similar place twice.

4. The first Lviv grill restaurant of meat and justice

The first Lviv grill restaurant of meat and justice

Being an executioner is a thankless job, but in Lviv a whole restaurant has been dedicated to this profession. Various instruments of torture are scattered around the hall, with which meat, sausages and steaks are cut here, and a frightening executioner walks around the hall. Actually, it is one of the most famous steak houses in Lviv and notwithstanding all the decor, the local atmosphere is rather joyful than baleful.

5. Kopalnia


The coffee house is styled on a mine, where coffee is brought on trolleys on rails in tin glasses, sprinkled with sugar on top and sealed with a soldering iron. The atmosphere is superior, the best time for visiting in the summer when the underground tunnels save from the hot weather.

6. The most expensive Galician restaurant


A location made on the principle of a Masonic lodge. First, you need to come to the address and find the apartment you need, after which the door will be opened by a confused man wearing a gown, who will begin to convince you that there is no restaurant here. But if you do persuade him to let you in, then behind a secret door you will find a chic restaurant with a retro car in one of the halls, paintings of Masons and white gloves for men (all Masonic formalities have been observed). Also, do not be intimidated by the prices, here they achieve EUR 70 per dish, however, with a special card, each visitor will receive a 90% discount.

7. Kryivka


The most Ukrainian restaurant in our list, perhaps in the whole Ukraine, visually reminding a military shelter, and inside, visitors will find stews, meat from cauldrons and various attributes of a field dinner. It is also important to know the password to the “Glory to Ukraine!” (Slava Ukrayini!) phrase to get inside. Just answer “Glory to the Heroes!” (Heroyam slava!).

8. 36 Ro

36 Ro

A new Ukrainian restaurant and brewery, also located in the very center of the city. In addition to the proprietary beer and unbelievably delicious food, there is a roof from which a wonderful view of Lviv opens.