From Paris to Berlin

One of the most atmospheric routes in Europe

Traveling by car offers insights into the inside of the country, such trips always promise unexpected meetings, picturesque places that are not listed in guidebooks and, of course, a sense of freedom. You are a master of your time and route, all roads are open and you rush along the picturesque landscapes aimlessly. What’s better than riding from the most romantique city in Europe to the most free and creative one? Well, you came to Paris. Of course, you can immediately take a car and ride but you’d better walk around leisurely for one or two days and having seen enough of the Eiffel Tower and drunk wine hit the road. The first stop will be 150 km down the road in Reims. The city is replete with the ancient architectural buildings, museums and angelic smiles, but one should also not forget the main attraction of the region in which Reims is located. Naturally, this is champagne.

Several famous chateaus are locates within the city: Taittinger, G. H. Mumm и Ruinart, but also seize the moment and go to Épernay, and along the way there are a bunch of farms for every wallet, from small local ones to the world famous Moet&Chandon.

Further, our route goes through Luxembourg and its same-name capital. This is a small but very cozy city with roads paved with cubes, a beautiful Philharmonic Hall and a historical center, from where a panorama of the capital of one of the smallest countries in Europe opens. After a short stop, you can immediately hold on for Germany, or visit a couple of castles abundantly scattered throughout the country.

 The next point of destination is Trier, the oldest city in Germany celebrated its 2000th anniversary back in 1984. The center is bright with different colors and styles of architecture, the oldest German cathedral with a collection of religious art is located nearby, as well as some of the best vineyards in the country, where you will be happy to pour a refreshing Riesling. However, the main jewel of the Northern Rome is the Porta Nigra gate, and this is also the birthplace of Karl Marx.

 From here, Berlin is a little over 700 km away, and on the way you have to visit two more cities. The first one is Frankfurt, the financial center of Germany being atypically high city for this country; i is worth visiting at least because its atmosphere is absolutely unlike any other German city, although it still has a customary central square with the city hall. Leipzig meets you 500 km away. The city is replete with the achingly beautiful churches (all the most interesting is inside), there is also a very beautiful center and a majestic, almost one hundred-meter-high monument to the Battle of the Nations and several interesting museums (contemporary art and dedicated to Bach). At this stage, the route forks in two possible directions: either go directly to Berlin, or make a detour through Dresden. Select based on the time buffer you have. Dresden, once seriously damaged by the bombing, is now one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Besides, here you can complement your gastronomic tour with a taste of the famous Sachertorte. But as we wrote earlier, decide whether to go here or not based on the time. Berlin will become the final point of the route. You can talk a lot about it, but it’s better to come and see it yourself. Briefly, the attraction of this city consists in the fact that you can find anything you want in it. You love to explore the historical side of the place you are visiting – please, Berlin will tell you about the Second World War, and about the history of Germany, and about what it is like to live in a divided city for many years. You want to be neck-deep in museums days and nights — perfectly! They are here to meet every taste, from the ancient Egyptian to espionage, from personal art collections of old Hertzogs to sketches of early Da Vinci. Here you can also go to the best European clubs, eat a variety of food and get a very unusual mixture of all this in one city.

This concludes our route. Of course, it is best to have two weeks for such a trip to slowly explore all the cities, take a detour from the route at will and not get tired on the road, but maybe one week will be enough for you. The finest thing in such trips is a contrast which can be observed along the way, the contrast between cozy French chateau and the noisy financial center of Germany, between the stylish Paris and the groovy Berlin, and the most beautiful is that these, how one might wonder, parallel worlds are divided by only several hundred kilometers.