Customer Service Quality in Hospitality Industry

Service in hospitality industry is the level of assistance provided by staff to facilitate the purchase by the client. It also encompasses all efforts hotels make to achieve pleasant customer experience for guests. Nowadays it is absolutely imperative to invest in customer services at the highest of levels, follow the set of binding guidelines and build a customer service system that can become a competitive advantage.

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Importance of hotel positioning

Have you ever wondered why some hoteliers struggle with changing booking behaviors, price dumping in the market, constantly declining room rates resulting in lower profit margins, and loss of repeating guests? And why there are other hoteliers who appear to attract more guests as if by magic, keep their occupancy levels and average daily rates high, and simply perform in an outstanding way?
We all know that there isn’t such thing as magic, luck or anything similar in the business world. There is only one common thread that all successful hoteliers have in common: successful hoteliers know exactly WHO they are. They have a defined concept and position themselves clearly in the market.

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Smart Hotels – modern trend in HoReCa industry

One of the most important technological trends within the hospitality industry today is the rise of smart hotel technology. This technology has the capacity to benefit both hotel owners and guests, potentially improving financial results and customer experience.
The world has tended towards a substantially individualized order, and people ask for more. They want personalization instead of standardization. Easy and quick access and user-friendly designs are essential to enhance the experience itself. Property managers are now in search of new strategies to respond to these ever-changing demands. The concept of smart hotels is specifically designed to satisfy these newly emerged needs of guests.
In this article, you will learn more about what a smart hotel actually is, why smart technology is becoming so important, and what the various plus points are.

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Mystery guest

A mystery shopper for hotels is an individual employed by hotel rating organizations to secretly evaluate the quality of a hotel.

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Ways to Reduce Hotel Operating Costs

Running a hotel is definitely not an easy task. Aside from hiring the right staff, and having exceptional organizational skills, you should also try to find a way to reduce your operating costs, in hopes of reaching the best possible return on investment.
While this is the goal of every business person, you need to know where exactly you can cut some costs, without sacrificing the quality of the services you are offering. Check out some of the ways you can reduce your costs and boost your profits.

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