Best towns in Italy

In Italy, there are a lot of towns teeming with tourists, as well as sights which became famous throughout the world. However, by far not every traveler delve into less popular places, although sometimes they embody their country no worse than their distinguished neighbors. This articles will introduce you to the towns deserving more attention then they get.


In the Province of Bari, hidden from prying eyes, is a small town with fabulous cone-shaped roofs. It was erected by peasants resettled in the estate of a wealthy count at the end of the fifteenth century, and the famous trulli (houses with the same cone-shaped roofs) were built solely for practical reasons. Firstly, buildings of that kind were characterized by water resistance, and secondly they easily retained warmth in the cold winters. Before 1996, the white snow town was in decline, but after the trulli were added to the UNESCO heritage list, tourists gradually began to take a liking to this place.

The only negative is that the indigenous population, as a rule, does not know English, but this is more than compensated for by the unique views, you will not find such buildings in other regions of Italy. Besides, the Grotte di Castellana, the most iconic solutional cave complex is located not far from Alberobello. This is a direct evidence that nature is the best architect.


Bergamo attracts a lot of tourists and its inclusion in this list is a kind of cunning. Nevertheless, just fifty kilometers away is Milan, getting into which many forget to visit one of the most beautiful towns in Lombardy. The historic center, surrounded by majestic walls, the Church of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, which welcomes travelers from the doorway with its emerald dome, the traditional cathedral and the beautiful Piazza Vecchia and the panoramic views of different parts of the town that haunt you everywhere, Bergamo absolutely deserves a visit!

The former fishing village is now called Little Venice. It is clearly enough where such associations come from, there are also water channels closely adjacent to the buildings, but Treviso is interesting not only for its similarity with its neighbor. Easily pacing along the quiet streets of the town, you will constantly encounter fresco paintings, since there was a shortage of stone, they were used for building decoration.


Visit the colorful fish market, drink Prosecco (grapes from which it is made grows nearby) and eat tiramisu, since this dessert was invented in Treviso. Frankly speaking, Treviso does not have a lot of sights but you will definitely not deny him charm.


Sicily itself is insanely picturesque. Cefalu is often called one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, and this is not an exaggeration. The commune is sprawled along a beach with crystal clear waters, and behind the town there is is a huge head-shaped rock. Beaches and picturesque sights are the main reason to visit this town, perhaps instead of words, you should just look at the photos.


It was originally a fortress built on a mountain overlooking the bay. Currently, Sperlonga is a quite popular route both for travelers and Italians. The old town looks like a historic district of Rome, which someone lifted and moved closer to the water, the streets intertwine and form a labyrinth, and white houses are often compared to the Greek islands. Besides paved streets and infinitely long golden beaches, there are a lot of beautiful caves, one of which was equipped by the emperor Tiberius, who built his villa nearby (only the foundation remained from the villa, but the sculptures previously located in the cave can still be viewed in the local museum)


Another maritime town, now in Calabria, is also on a rise above the water. Silence, coziness, sandy beaches and abundance of authentic products. Appreciate the local charm at the blue fish and red onion fair, go diving and travel to the Aeolian Islands, a volcanic archipelago with breathtaking views.