From Paris to Berlin

One of the most atmospheric routes in Europe Traveling by car offers insights into the inside of the country, such trips always promise unexpected meetings, picturesque places that are not listed in guidebooks and, of course, a sense of freedom. You are a master of your time and route, all roads are open and you …Read more

Top six of the most unusual hotels in Europe

Top six of the most unusual hotels in Europe

We often choose hotels either next to some sights or in the historic center, or in the quiet location where one can immerse oneself in local life. In other words, an hotel is a kind of a terminal for us before getting real impressions, but who told that a place to spend a night cannot …Read more

Best towns in Italy

In Italy, there are a lot of towns teeming with tourists, as well as sights which became famous throughout the world. However, by far not every traveler delve into less popular places, although sometimes they embody their country no worse than their distinguished neighbors. This articles will introduce you to the towns deserving more attention …Read more

Customer Service Quality in Hospitality Industry

Service in hospitality industry is the level of assistance provided by staff to facilitate the purchase by the client. It also encompasses all efforts hotels make to achieve pleasant customer experience for guests. Nowadays it is absolutely imperative to invest in customer services at the highest of levels, follow the set of binding guidelines and …Read more

Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun is an inspiring book by Frances Mayes, impregnated with love to Italy and a tremblingly written ode to Tuscany rendering the romanticism of hasteless Italian life. Tuscany itself, of course, should be felt rather than seen. Meadows, valleys, wine farms, works of art, savage scenery, emerald water, after all, the leaning …Read more